Skin “juicy effect”

Are you looking for how to achieve this desired effect? The effect “juicy skin” in a makeup is easy to get, but there is something that must be given yes or yes; that your skin is well hydrated. If we do not have our skin properly hydrated, this effect is much more complicated to achieve.

Trick to outline your lips

Fed up of not finding the exact color of lipstick in a lip liner?? Today we tell you a trick with which you can have as many liners as lipsticks you have!!! are you ready?

We have lips with greater volume

We have lips with greater volume? We have lips with greater volume, We have lips with greater volume, We have lips with greater volume. And it is very simple with some tricks to achieve it with makeup.

Party makeup

  In the mood for Christmas makeup? Of course!! This year we are going to give everything in our #makeups for these holidays.

Lip makeup

Do you like voluminous lips? Do you want us to show you a trick to get them? Ahead!!
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