Lip makeup

Do you like voluminous lips? Do you want us to show you a trick to get them? Ahead!!

Eye makeup

Can't you leave the house without putting makeup on your eyes? We have always been supporters of “less is more”, and be able to create subtle and simple makeup, not recharged, especially when it comes to day makeup. Today we propose you a soft smoked for eyes, with very few products!!

Solar protection & de colores

Do you have a good habit of applying sunscreen before putting on makeup?? It is a fundamental step to take care of our skin, and very necessary not only in summer, Everyday of the year.

Cleaning your face is essential

Did you know that even if you don't wear makeup you should use facial cleansers? Not only makeup stains your face, pollution and other external agents deposit dirt particles on your skin every day, and it is necessary to remove them with suitable products to have healthy-looking skin.

Good face effect

Would you like to have a good face with a simple facial routine? In these times it is very important to look good and take care of our skin. Today we leave you a simple facial routine so that in 3 minutes have a good face

Make up your look

Have you noticed that with the mask, the area of ​​our face that is most visible is our gaze? Today we want to show you a simple eye makeup, to enhance this area so visible now of our face.

Make-up with tanned skin

Do you have a tanned face and don't feel like using many makeup products? It is usual that at this time of year we continue to preserve our brown skin due to summer. Normally when we have some color we don't usually apply the same products that we use in winter to make up. That's why, we're going to give you some..
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