Make up your look

Have you noticed that with the mask, the area of ​​our face that is most visible is our gaze? Today we want to show you a simple eye makeup, to enhance this area so visible now of our face.

Make-up with tanned skin

Do you have a tanned face and don't feel like using many makeup products? It is usual that at this time of year we continue to preserve our brown skin due to summer. Normally when we have some color we don't usually apply the same products that we use in winter to make up. That's why, we're going to give you some..
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Bridal makeup

You marry soon? If you're in that emotional time of your life, You'll be thinking what makeup will take the big day. It is a special day in which everything has to go perfect, and within this enter the bride makeup. We must take care of every detail, so look and feel yet....
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Perfect and easy eyeliner

    You find it complicated that you is perfect eyeliner?? Today we will talk about the most common types and some trick to make it more simple. And thus you can look look!!

What are each of the Correctors?

    If you're human you have imperfections, but absolutely nothing happens!!. If you want to conceal them our great allies are the proofreaders. Today we will explain the different formats and colors what are, and you can use them in your day to day.

Fall makeup trends

  Each season there are new tones, or different forms of make-up. There are basic every season, but there is always a clear trend or any makeup that gets fashionable. We are going to teach some of the trends for this fall season that you can make easily with some tricks.

New liquid illuminator Highlighting Drops

    I would like to introduce our new release, Illuminators liquids in three different shades, you are trend in all the makeup that ongoing. Brightness with is fine and provides highlights from the face. It has multiple uses, Depending on what you want to achieve with your makeup, But if the....
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Makeup artists officers Seminci 2018

    This week begins the international week of cinema in Valladolid, where are the official makeup artists. Will be present making up all the public characters who come and we are very pleased to be able to live this experience.   The festival begins this Saturday 20 of November and lasts until the day 27. By the will spend countless....
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