Trick to increase the duration of your makeup

Can't get your makeup to last on your skin? Sometimes we can find cases where the makeup immediately dissipates and gives us the feeling that it has not lasted long on our face.. It can be due to multiple factors such as dry skin, have chosen the base wrong, or not using the right products for....
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The importance of removing makeup

How many times do we go to sleep without removing our makeup?? And how is our face when we get up? You can clearly see the negative effect on our skin when we do not properly remove makeup and dirt. It is essential both to have healthy-looking skin, as for the makeup to be perfect, have one...
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Simple makeup ideas for Halloween

Halloween is here and we bring you some simple ideas to create easy #makeups with little material!!!! are you prepared? If you still have not thought about which costume you will choose, maybe it will inspire you.

Skin “juicy effect”

Are you looking for how to achieve this desired effect? The effect “juicy skin” in a makeup is easy to get, but there is something that must be given yes or yes; that your skin is well hydrated. If we do not have our skin properly hydrated, this effect is much more complicated to achieve.

Trick to outline your lips

Fed up of not finding the exact color of lipstick in a lip liner?? Today we tell you a trick with which you can have as many liners as lipsticks you have!!! are you ready?
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