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Looking for eye makeup for events?

Do you have events in sight and you want a makeup according?

We give you some ideas to dazzle at all parties!!

First we start with a soft make-up ideal for day and night events. We advise you, that if the event is daytime, don't overfill the makeup in your eyes. In this image we show you a good option for day or night, if you want to go discreet.



Our first proposal, playing with the tones 01 and 02.

If you want to have your eyes more scarred, We give you more ideas!!

The most recharged makeups are perfect for evening events.




If you want to mark the eye a little more but with neutral colors, we recommend that you use two shadows, one light and one dark to play with the smoked. With the tone 10 and the tone 01 , you can get this cool effect.


You can also apply shadows with a little more color such as pink/reddish shadows, so fashionable in today's makeup. To do this you can use the tone 04, mixed with the tone 02 in the tear-off part.




As for the eyeliner, you can do it in two different ways, with black shadow and a beveled brush, or with our long-lasting liquid eyeliner. It depends a little on the effect you want to cause. With shadow is blurred and soft, and with the liquid it is much more defined.






We hope you liked it!!




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