Throughout this post we would like to tell you about the factors to consider for Choose makeup base best suited to our skin type. Evolux Make Up has 9 makeup bases available in different shades. In addition, offers the most innovative textures, adapted to each skin type and age.


Can how choose the tone more suitable to your skin??

The our skin tone It is a very important factor when choosing makeup base. To choose the color that best fits our skin it is very important to prove the basis of make-up. We will apply a sample of the product in the lighter side of the wrist or the neck, just below the ear. The color should be equal to the one of our skin, or more clear if you want to bring luminosity to the face.
We should avoid to choose a darker part of our skin as you age, so if we want to tone the face, We will do this using loose or compact powders.
To enjoy a perfect makeup, We must apply a Concealer under make-up base. Spell neutralize and even the skin tone, promoting the application and finish the bottom of makeup.
If our skin tone is very off, We will choose a purple Checker. If you experience problems of redness, Green. And if our skin is very pale, a peach-coloured, to give light. If you want to learn more about how to choose the makeup corrector, We recommend the following post What makeup corrector need?.



The degree of coverage of the Foundation

Another factor to consider when choosing makeup base is the degree of coverage desired. Within the Evolux line we find makeup very covering bases, media coverage and low coverage.
High coverage
Evolux has 4 makeup bases of high coverage.
The first one is Long lasting make up fixed long-lasting makeup on liquid texture, It provides a matte finish. The second is, Bread stick foundation, makeup Corrector in bar and Matt finish.
In third place we find, Intensive Cream make up, cream makeup ideal for bring luminosity to the face and unify the skin tone. The fourth is Ultra protection foundation treatment, cream makeup protective anti-aging SPF 50+.
Media coverage
Evolux has with 4 makeup bases with media coverage.
In liquid texture There are three bases of make-up. The first one is Superbalancing Gel Foundation, This base makeup water is suitable for oily and combination skins. In second place we find Perfect Hydro Fluid Make up, a light moisturizing makeup, suitable for all skin types and SPF 15. The third of them is Superdefense Make Up, treatment anti-age with Rosehip and SPF makeup 30.
In addition, en texture mouse Evolux features with makeup Perfecting Liss Foundation, long-lasting and conditioning effect.
Low coverage
In the Evolux range also discovered a makeup on texture cream of low coverage. Every day foundation, It is a moisturizer with color that gives the skin a uniform tone, bright and natural.



Depending on the type of skin

To choose the perfect makeup base also we must bear in mind our skin type.
Oily or mixed skin
Greasy and mixed skins should choose light to not provide more fat skin formulas. In addition to matifying, to avoid the glare. We recommend for this type of skins Superbalancing Gel Foundation.
Dry skin
Dry skin should choose satin effect and hydrating makeup bases. We recommend in this case Intensive Cream make up and Superdefense Make Up. Are also suitable for creams with color as Everyday Foundation.
Skin with imperfections
Adult skins which present imperfections have to choose a foundation with more coverage and smoothing effect as Perfecting Liss Foundation. For best results, We recommend to use Smoothing Primer, under make-up base.
Mature skin
For the mature skin, ideal anti-ageing treatment with active ingredients makeup bases. Advised textures very moisturizing and with high sun protection as Superdefense Make Up and Ultra protection foundation treatment.

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