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Create your own BB cream

Do you love long-lasting foundations?, but not for every day?

If you love foundations with high coverage, that promise to last hours and hours intact on your face, I am sure that you will share with me the opinion that, There are days when you feel like using a lighter foundation.

You don't have to buy another product!!

Today I am going to give you a trick to take advantage of what we have at home, don't spend more money, and no longer store makeup in your toiletry bag.

Looking for a long lasting foundation

You'll need, your makeup base and your day cream, look how easy!!

The day you prefer to use a light foundation, you will perform these steps.

– The first thing in any facial routine, is the deep cleansing of the face, using cleanser and then facial toner.

– with clean skin, We proceed to apply the usual eye contour and then the serum. Having properly hydrated skin is essential for any makeup to be perfect.

– Now comes the trick!! In this step, we will apply a small amount of the makeup base and the day cream in our hand and with the help of our fingers we will mix it until we get both products unified.

– with this mixture, You just have to start applying it on your face, and achieved!!, your own makeup base!!

You will get a light base, with a result of hydrated and juicy skin, adapted to your tone and the needs of your skin because it is the base that you already had and your usual cream.

are you going to try it?