Makeup which protects from the Sun

Makeup which protects from the Sun

The Sun is responsible for many signs of aging. Solar ultraviolet radiation can cause: stains, wrinkles, photosensitizing agents, etc.
Protecting our face from UV rays, We will be able to look young for a longer time.
For all these reasons, in all seasons of the year, It is essential to choose a day care that incorporates a sunscreen.
Thanks to Evolux, It is possible to combine in a simple gesture of beauty go perfectly made-up and protected from the Sun.


Foundations of makeup with sunscreen

Evolux has three bases of makeup with sunscreen available in different shades and degrees of coverage, adapting well to the needs of each skin type.
The first one is PERFECT HYDRO FLUID MAKE UP. Medium coverage makeup, suitable for all skin types.
It brings softness and hydration to the skin, combining perfectly the tone with a very natural look. Contains sunscreens, SPF 15, to protect from the action of the Sun.
The second is SUPERDEFENSE MAKE UP. Media coverage and very moisturizing texture makeup, suitable both for dry skin, as for mature skin.
The rosehip oil which has combat wrinkles. Its high protection, SPF 30, against UVA/UVB rays protects against the harmful effects of the Sun.
He brings color and treatment in a single product that unifies the tone and repairs skin.
In third place we find, ULTRA PROTECTION FOUNDATION TREATMENT. High coverage makeup, very suitable for mature skin.
It has an oil-free formula, presenting a uniform, durable finish. It provides a very high sun protection, SPF 50+, It protects the skin from the Sun and free radical.



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