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Perfect and easy eyeliner




You find it complicated that you is perfect eyeliner??

Today we will talk about the most common types and some trick to make it more simple. And thus you can look look!!


First we are going to show you in pictures some of the eyeliners most common and perfect for every day. Once we see the types of formats, We show you a trick to make all of them in a fast and easy way.




This is one of the most watched and most easy to do. It goes up to tear and just stretches virtually in a straight line. To be able to make a straight line without steps, the ideal is to make several points and join them.





As for this one, is not as straight, It has curve and peak climbing upwards to raise the eyes. This is somewhat more complicated but with our trick will also be you simple.





There are people who like to carry more marked eyeliner, but this is not unduly wide, It can perfectly be for daily. It is a bit more difficult.


Our trick is available to anyone who wants to try. Just get a pants of make-up in triangle or a beak-shaped, and cut it out so that it is not bulky and you out of the way to make eyeliner.




With this type of sponge, simply must be positioned it diagonally the more stuck at the end of the lashes with the angle that you want to make it to the end of eyeliner. In this way, Simply slide the brush of our eyeliner evolux attached to the sponge and you're, simple.

We hope that our trick liked, applies to many types of eyeliner and is fast and efficient!!



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