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The perfect base for the whole year

Are you looking for an ideal makeup base to use all year round?? The answer is a foundation with medium-high sun protection.

One of the external factors that most damages your skin is solar radiation, and that is why you should include this feature in your makeup base for daily use.

It is essential for the final makeup result to be perfect, that your skin is hydrated and you have a facial routine appropriate to your skin type. You have to pamper your skin every day to later be able to create cool makeup.


Inside this facial routine, you have to include yes or yes, sun protection. And what better way to do it than to include it in the makeup base itself? A 2 en 1 It is an ideal solution to avoid having to increase the steps when applying makeup!!

If you also find that same makeup base, properties that improve your skin, What more can you ask?


#Evolx has a base that meets all these conditions, and we will tell you what it is.


➡️ SPF 30.
➡️ Unify the tone.
➡️ Anti-aging makeup base.
➡️ Repair the skin.

With rosehip to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes!!

Find it in our #centrosevolux!!