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Makeup starting from the 50

So you feel more beautiful than ever, because you're not really, We want to give you a few tips so you can make the most of your makeup and disregard the effects of age. It looks a natural makeup and a #look of the freshest with EVOLUX MAKE UP.


It applies a pre-base of makeup that will help unify the surface of the skin on your face and make makeup last longer (SMOOTHING PRIMER – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/base-alisante-matificante/).

As to the basis of make-up, Choose hydrating products and liquids. Avoid compact products, since they tend to slip between the wrinkles and accentuate them. To makeup also you must protect your skin from the Sun, by what you have to choose a foundation that has at least one sun protection media (SUPERDEFENSE SPF 30 MAKE UP – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/maquillaje-tratamiento-anti-edad/).

Very important is the choice of tone. Remember dark bases to harden the face and accentuate the wrinkles much more. Look for the light.


For dark circles apply the concealer salmon or beige color (depends on the tone of your eyecup). Blend well so that it is no quarter and does not remain in the wrinkles under the eyes. For imperfections, spots or pimples use green concealer.

DARK CIRCLE CONCEALER – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/corrector-de-ojeras/


This product is #TOP in the anti-aging makeup. The Illuminator highlights the most beautiful areas of the face and provides high luminosity and freshness to the skin.

Add a touch of light in the eye lachrymal and aclararás your eyes. Only, avoid applying the Illuminator in the areas where wrinkles are very marked.

RADIANT LIGHT http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/iluminador-cara-y-cuerpo/


For the eyes, it is preferable to use shadows in neutral or soft colours, but not the case when using eyeliner.

Mark the top line of the lashes in shades of dark or black. If you difuminas it you will see as it conceals the eyelid descolgalmiento. The line of the lower lashes is best not to draw it, as you age the eyes and dwarfs it.

PERFECT DEFINITION EYELINER – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/delineador-negro-intenso/


For a natural effect tabs have to highlight in your eyes but not excessively, for this reason, do not overdo with mask. Apply two thin layers to make your eyelashes longer waiting for some 20 seconds between them and avoiding lumps and gobs. Applies a light coating on the lower lashes carefully not to get under skin.

MAXI-LASH MASCARA AMPLIFIED – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/pestanas-largas-y-densas/


If you choose to apply Rouge opts for roses ringtones, soft red, peaches… you provide a very natural blush. BLUSH POWDER – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/coloretes/

If you prefer to apply bronzing powders, apply them in front, nose and cheeks and apply a little more in the cheekbone. These powders will be an extra #luminosidad to the face. TRUE BRONZE POWDER – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/polvo-bronceador-de-terracota/


It is preferable to use more neutral or soft colors for eyes, We can play a bit more lip colors.

During the day it applies lipstick in pink or peaches and night more reddish colors. LIPSTICK – http://www.evoluxmakeup.com/barra-de-labios/


Get the most out of your age with #EVOLUX.

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