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Make-up with tanned skin

Do you have a tanned face and don't feel like using many makeup products?

It is usual that at this time of year we continue to preserve our brown skin due to summer. Normally when we have some color we don't usually apply the same products that we use in winter to make up. That's why, we're going to give you a few tricks to go perfect with very few steps.

With the tanned face the most common is not to use makeup base, and go straight into the sundusts. Our True Bronze Powder, are perfect to bring that extra color and be able to even the tone all over the face. The look is a radiant tan and velvety touch.





With the color of the unified face, we went on to highlight the cheekbones a little bit. How can we do that? With a few touches of blush. Evolux have with 5 different tones to choose from. With the right brush, apply a few little touches until you get the tone you want to have.





Once the color of the face has been retouched, we'll go into the eyes. A simple eyelash mask application will be enough to set a point of attention on our gaze. Our Maxi-Lash Amplified Mascara, lengthen your lashes, bringing volume. In a couple of passes, will give your eyelashes life, marking your eyes on the line of a natural makeup.





As for the lips, we can choose between a nude tone, or the classic red. Our Matte Lips are perfect for this, that leave matte appearance and soft touch.





To finish, we'll give some light to our face with the gentle application of our Highlighting Compact Powder, in the tone you like the most. With this step you will get touches of light and a face with juicy effect skin.



And with these steps we would take for finishing the natural and simple makeup.

In 3 minutes ready to eat the world!!





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