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Makeup with sunscreen

Do you use sunscreen on a daily basis?

Sloth gives you have to use two products to protect your skin and makeup??



One of the best news that you can give to the world of makeup, It is you're going to get the same result with fewer steps. This happens in Evolux with steps of applying sunscreen and makeup. Why? Because we provide makeup with high sun protection so that in a single step you can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun and be made up at the same time.

It is important to influence, that round should protect your skin with sunscreen, not only in summer, This step must be done on a daily basis the 365 days of the year. And what better way to do that by applying a product instead of two.



Evolux have with 3 formats of makeup with sunscreen.

PERFECT HYDRO FLUID MAKE-UP SPF 15, unifying moisturizing fluid makeup with sunscreen spf 15. If you are looking for a natural look is yours. It unifies the tone, It moisturizes the skin and also counts with an extra sun protection spf 15. It is not necessary to use cream before applying it, by moisturizing ability that has to dry skin and all skin types.


SUPERDEFENSE SPF 30 MAKE UP, treatment makeup spf sunscreen and anti-aging 30. In addition to providing color, It has anti-aging treatment that repairs your skin and reduces wrinkles. It contains Rosa Mosqueta than fighting the imperfections of the face and expression lines. With its high sun protection, prevents skin aging. It is ideal for mature skin.


ULTRA PROTECTION FOUNDATION TREATMENT SPF 50+, Makeup with spf sun protection anti-aging 50+. Of the three that has more sun protection, something to keep in mind. Also with anti-aging treatment, and excellent coverage. It does not obstruct the pores, and is easy to apply. It is intended for dry and fragile skin. Uniform and long-lasting finish.



These are our 3 proposals to look face protected and makeup!!

One for each person, skin type, and with different sun protection.

see you soon!!

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