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Eye makeup

Can't you leave the house without putting makeup on your eyes?

We have always been supporters of “less is more”, and be able to create subtle and simple makeup, not recharged, especially when it comes to day makeup.

Today we propose you a soft smoked for eyes, with very few products!!

eyes make up

You will see how in a few steps we highlight the look, without going excessively makeup.

To start, We'll give you a trick!!

Eye makeup is the first step of all makeup, why?, because normally when extending the shadows, something always falls to the cheekbones, and in this way we can clean the face well and later apply the base, and make it perfect.

Having said that….

The first step is to find the right shade for your skin tone., and choose a dark and a light shade, for instance, silver and black, or gold and brown.

Anyways, the important thing is to know that the light shadow is placed in the tear duct area, and in the area outside the dark. In this way we will be able to enlarge the eye more, and it will attract much more attention.





We can give a little touch of eyeliner to further mark the look, that already to the taste of each one @.

We hope you liked it!!

Happy summer!!