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Summer makeup


Summer makeup!!

Now that the summer is more advanced, It is when more brunette have skin and need to change some of our usual products for make-up, because our tone is darker and we need other products.


It is usual, that be dark face, many people opt to not apply Foundation makeup and go directly to the bronzing powders.

If you're that even taking the Tan face likes applied base, We recommend that you upload a ringtone your usual base color, so clarify your beautiful color of the Sun.

To the bronzing powders, We can upload the tone as much as we and depending on how Brown we have skin. It is here where actually give color to the face, our taste.


In summer, It is also a time in which want to go less make-up, without many layers, because in addition to the colorcito that we are taking, tends to heat and are more relajad @.

For the eyes, We advise you to apply some clear shadow, to provide something extra color but not very marked, for what is every day.



On the lips, The same, nude tones, or coral are the most are for daily.




We hope that our summer tips have liked!!

See you soon!!

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