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Guest wedding makeup

Makeup to be the perfect guest

Do you have a wedding and need advice on how to make up?

Are normally have weddings often, some years more than others, and sometimes with dates so together that new ideas about how to makeup or what to wear does not occur to you.
Today we propose a wedding day makeup, soft and elegant. Something simple, so you go according to the type of event and you feel pretty.

In makeup, less is more

We want to help you make an light makeup, with light tones and points of light that give natural look. In these cases it is best to go unnoticed to draw attention with an overly ornate makeup too.

The first thing we need is to have the skin hydrated and clean before you begin, Super important. The next thing is to use a good relaxer pre-basic, to hold us better the makeup that we will apply after, smooth skin and matifique shines. In this case we will use Smoothing Primer.

Then we are going to apply the Long Lasting Make Up base, fixed make-up, matifying and long lasting, with great coverage. It is important to apply it slowly and let dry well to be to apply products over.

For the eyes, We propose types of clear shadows with glitter, always soft. You can choose the tones which better combined with the chosen outfit, but never miss gray/white tones for the tear and the eyelid fixed.

Will use the illuminator roll-on Radiant Light in the tone 01 apply it in the area of the tear and eyelid fixed. The tone 06 for the eyelid, giving something of color. To finish and darken the area outside a bit and make a nice smoky, we will use the shadow Eye Shadow in the tone 03.

The lips they are always something very visible, and where more color will apply this time. To do this we will use our matte lipstick number 07. It brings super easy to combine in summer, a precious coral to match all the looks.

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