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Maquillaje para hombres

Yes, the boys also make up

And go makeup not only means wear a heavy make-up for partying. Makeup is used to take advantage of the natural beauty, hiding imperfections and giving the skin a smoother appearance, healthy and natural. For this reason, more and more, men who like to take care of yourself make use of it as part of their grooming habits.

If you are a guy and still don't use it, We tell you how to get that good face rested well in just a few steps and with very few products.

The first thing is starting from a clean and well moisturized face. Make sure you do not use a cream that stops glare on the skin. In general, the skin of the man is more fat than the women.

It then applies a light makeup base similar to your skin color to unify the tone of the face. You can use a brush or spread it with your hands as if it were a cream, but, above all, extend it until the birth of hair blurring well so there are no contrasts and avoiding the area of the beard.

Now it is the turn of the Corrector, that will become your best ally. Use it to conceal dark circles and granite and imperfections. Blend well so that it melts with the Foundation.

So does not appear shiny and to make makeup last longer, used ones matifying powder, It will leave a matte finish, uniform and natural hiding the appearance of pores. Apply them with a thick brush all over face.

And finally, employs a bronzer powder, will provide to the skin a healthy, bronzed look.

It incorporates these steps into your daily routine and presumirás good face every morning.

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