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Bridal makeup

You marry soon?

If you're in that emotional time of your life, You'll be thinking what makeup will take the big day. It is a special day in which everything has to go perfect, and within this enter the bride makeup. We must take care of every detail, so look and feel even prettier than it is without make-up.

One of the things that we need to think, is that, It is not the same married day, that evening, to prepare a wedding makeup. Normally day softer makeup are used, and more saturated night, but without going over. Our advice is, less is more. It is a day that have to see your best face but not look like another person. The bride has to be convenient and comfortable with makeup. For this reason we make these simple proposals.

If your wedding day…

We will use the corresponding Correctors and make-up the eyes before using makeup base. In this way we not defile the face with remains of shadow.

For the eyes, We propose you something discreet, soft tones with a slight smoky in shades of pink. We can use ringtones 01, 02 and 04. Do not forget to apply the Eyelash mask Depending on if you want to volume or more long, We have two masks to choose.




Once we have finished eye, proceed to apply the first and the proofreaders to correct skin imperfections and matificar. With the face perfectly corrected, proceed to apply the Foundation makeup According to the tone of the skin of the bride. There are many types of bases for each type of skin inside Evolux, and that day most never have to choose the appropriate, to make the bride skin look radiant. We will also add the tone of Rouge better he feels will enhance the cheekbones to give a hint of color to the face.

In the lips, We recommend to use tones nude. It may be in format gloss, Matt or gloss, Depending on the finish you more comfortable is the bride, but from our point of view a matte finish can be more convenient when it comes to the different events of the day of the wedding.




Already depends on a little of how much color you want the bride and tones that you feel good to your skin type.


If the wedding is at night…

We will change former makeup, the eyes, lips and cheeks. The makeup at night always are more saturated, with a little more color. For example would you use something more dark shadows, Although in a bride not typically see overly dark Eye makeup. We suggest something in these tones.





Mix gold with purple tones tones, in small proportions can be an ideal choice for makeup. Or use the range of soft purples, as in the image below. We can also add eyeliner fine or something wider, to taste of the bride.




Everything depends on how we discussed every bride and her personal style. For these finishes used ringtones 05 and 02.

For those who want to show off an effect juicy skin can also play with the Compact illuminators or liquids/drops. We will get that the bride has a luminous instant skin as shown in the image. But it is better to use sparingly, that too much.





Finally makeup always we should employ the spray Mist Finish makeup fixative, to have longer and stay intact longer.

And enjoy your wedding day!!



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