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Makeup for events



Events to view and you need a special makeup??

We'll talk about how to make up for the day's events. All know how important that is perfect to any party.


These first two steps are suitable for any type of makeup.

We will start with the first straightening matifying, Smoothing Primer. It is a completely transparent base smoothing imperfections, avoid glare and unifies the skin surface.

Then, We will use a long-lasting base, so the makeup is in perfect condition the largest possible times. For that we have the Long Lasting base, that will make you feel a fixed and matte makeup.



With the smooth face, unified and uniform color, We began to work for the touch of daytime makeup.

If your event is day, We will make a soft and toned nude makeup.

For the face, a few touches of Rouge in the cheekbones to slightly raise the tone at that particular point. We have various shades in Evolux.

In the eyes, a soft gradient, with shadows in light shades, sparingly in excess of glitters. Always using the lighter shades to the area of the tear.




For lips, light shades, also to continue with the soft makeup.

We have a wide range of tones of lipsticks.

Soon we will do more post of evening events!!






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