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Iluminador líquido

New liquid illuminator Highlighting Drops

Iluminador líquido



I would like to introduce our new release, Illuminators liquids in three different shades, you are trend in all the makeup that ongoing.
Brightness with is fine and provides highlights from the face. It has multiple uses, Depending on what you want to achieve with your makeup, But if you apply them sparingly, is a skin luminous and radiant effect.

Iluminadores líquidos



Within the Highlighting Drops, There are 3 different shades.

Golden sunrise, tone with a pulling a soft golden glow.

Sunset Light, half with a rose gold tone-tone.

Bronze moon, the darker tone, as its name indicates it is a bronze with a soft sheen very castable.




He seems to have thought that with this type of shine products are only for party makeup, but it is not. There are several ways of application in which, many may be for daily use not applying much product, Thus a soft makeup but with a extra brightness on our skin.

These are some of the forms of application of the drops:

➡️ To give highlights in cheek, nose , arc of Cupid and under the eyebrows.
➡️ Outline.
➡️ Mix it with the base for a finish of juicy skin and soft focus effect.
➡️ Use them as blush and eye shadow.




As you can see, liquid Illuminators can be used in many ways, both for daily and for special moments.

Are already a!! Basic in the make-up!!




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