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makeup concealers

What are each of the Correctors?

makeup concealers



If you're human you have imperfections, but absolutely nothing happens!!. If you want to conceal them our great allies are the proofreaders. Today we will explain the different formats and colors what are, and you can use them in your day to day.

Before you begin with the colors, We will distinguish between two types of correction.

Once we have this clear, We will detail each one of the products that we have in Evolux, what you can use them.


Within the format bar, We have 3 ringtones.

  • Salmon tone, It is indicated to meet brown spots, well-marked dark circles, in shades of green and blue.
  • Green tone, serves to cover redness.
  • Beige, is the neutralizer par excellence.


We also have in liquid format 3 ringtones, It even skin tone.

  • Purple tone, to cover yellow spots, or skin with a very marked yellow subtone.
  • Green tone, to do the same but with reddish areas.
  • Light pink tone, It is perfect to disguise veins or bruises




Now you should look at what colors are your imperfections to cover them in the best way possible and that they are hidden under makeup.

Correct is the most important part of a good makeup, because on the unified skin can begin to apply makeup.



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