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Skin “juicy effect”


Are you looking for how to achieve this desired effect?

The effect “juicy skin” in a makeup is easy to get, but there is something that must be given yes or yes; that your skin is well hydrated. If we do not have our skin properly hydrated, this effect is much more complicated to achieve.

Looking for a long lasting foundation

Paso 1

Properly hydrate our skin, prior facial exfoliation. To do this, we will use a facial cleansing routine, serum, eye contour and cream according to our skin type, to achieve your best version. Once this is done, we follow!!

Paso 2

Use a moisturizing makeup base, do not use a matte effect. When applying a moisturizing makeup base, we are starting to get that satin effect we want.

Paso 3

Use very little powder makeup, the sun powders, you have to apply them with a big brush, with very little product, gently and gently. Do not apply in the nose area, to make the tip look shiny. In this way we do not completely seal the base, and so we do not lose the effect of juicy skin. We add a touch of color and place the glitter where we want.

Paso 3

We do the same with the blush, little product and with little touches.

Paso 4

the illuminator, either liquid or powder, It is the one that gives the final touch to this type of makeup. With a fan brush, or just with your fingers, we take a little product and apply it on cheekbones, nose, lacrimal, cupid's bow and in the center of the chin and forehead. It is essential to use very little product!!

compact illuminator

Y… we would already have it!!

Try it and tell us!!