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Do you know how to seal your makeup?

Are you tired of makeup staying in the mask?

Today we show you some tricks to be able to seal it, and minimize this horrible feeling, and thus extend the durability of your makeup!!

The first thing we are going to use is a long-lasting base with a matte effect., as our base Long Lasting. If your foundation is moisturizing, we can also mattify it later, but it is possible that something else transferred, than using a matte base.

long lasting

Once we have the foundation on our face, we leave a few minutes for it to settle. We can apply it with a brush for greater coverage, or sponge for a more natural effect. When applied with a sponge, We also remove the excess product that may remain in the mask, so we recommend this second mode of application.


Then we go to the sun powders, and blush. As such, simply by applying these products on our face, we seal the base, but there are specific products to mattify and seal our #makeup that can help us to complement this effect that is currently so necessary.

In Evolux we have translucent powders Invisible Microfinish Powder. They are able to control glare, without changing color or clogging pores. They mattify the face and seal the makeup without drying out the skin.


To finish, there is another product that can fix your makeup. Our fixer Mist Finish, one of our #bestsellers.

mist finish fixative


We hope you liked it!!