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Fall makeup trends



Each season there are new tones, or different forms of make-up. There are basic every season, but there is always a clear trend or any makeup that gets fashionable.
We are going to teach some of the trends for this fall season that you can make easily with some tricks.

There are several trends clear that we are going to explain below.

– Bases of makeup with touch illuminator.

Lips in ringtones nude and burgundy effect Matt.

– Makeup effect “washed face” or soft.

Lips with brightness.

Eyeliner with different forms.

Shadows all color.


How can you get each of these keys season?




To have an illuminator makeup we recommend mixing your Foundation makeup with a few drops of any shade of our Drops, or liquid Illuminators. In this way, We got a juicy skin and a more luminous skin effect. They are people who are using this type of makeup, so much for daily, with less illuminator, as for a party with more intensity makeup.





Within the lip makeup triumph two shades, on the one hand the tones came, and on the other hand ringtones nude for the day to day with Matt effect. While each person can use them as you like it, normally, burgundy tones are often used for more night moments, or at events, with a more fixed look. And however, the nude tones, they are often used in make-up day, for your weekly routine. They provide some color, but mark lips too. To do this we have the Lipstick Garnet in tone 01 and 02. and lipstick in nude tones colors 17.




Another trend, is the soft makeup or effect “washed face” o “good face”. To do this we will use a very soft makeup with light tones for lips and cheeks.
We will use a little bit of our Foundation along with a little of the cream that you are using. In this way, the base is made lighter, It is not as opaque but it brings a touch of color. If you do not want to mix every morning this combination, You can choose a cream color as Everyday Foundation.




Although we are in the times of the labial mate, They also are fashionable again the brightness effect. Evolux have various shades of lip gloss that they provide volume and leave a smooth, silky finish.




The eyeliner is to taste, but they are very fashionable creative and geometric forms, and the extragruesos. Never fail the most thin and elongated classics. All of them can be made with our Perfect Definition Eyeliner, with the same brush. It has a fixed finish and great pigment.




Within the eye makeup, tell that the eyes with lots of color are. Opposite colors, or in the same range, range of blue and red colors. You can get them with our wide range of shadows playing with effects gloss or matte.




We will return soon with more tips and makeup tips!!

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